An innovation by the Hotek Hospitality Group. It is with pride that we present the smallest key card system in the world. The Hotek 2900 MINI is an exclusive design by Hotek and 100% made in Holland. This unique design is based on the appearance of the well-known iPhone:small, stylish and ingenious. The Hotek 2900 MINI is developed by Hotek and is produced by Hotek in the Netherlands. We can thus offer you the possibility to produce this unique system as ‘special’. The appearance and colour can be customized to the house-style of your hotel (chain). We will gladly inform you about the additional options that the Hotek 2900 MINI has to offer.

Key Features

  • No wear and tear to lock and cards!
  • Ease of use for your guest, door always opens!
  • Anti-panic function for your fire safety
  • Privacy function for hotel guest not to be disturbed.
  • Beautiful finish inside and outside your hotel door.
  • Moreover each type of handle is applicable/available!
  • Made in Holland, 100% own development & production by the Hotek team!

Product Specifications

Product Code Hotek 2900 MINI
Brand Hotek
Technical Data Sustainable contactless card technology, insensitive to magnetic fields and scratches
Fast card reader opening in 0.2 seconds & Mifare ISO-1443A/B standard
Position open function for meeting rooms
Lock without a cable, battery life 2-3 years including low battery voltage alarm
Internal memory read out last 1000 lock transactions
EN14846 tested, T30 and T60 fire resistance
Optional: mechanical emergency cylinder
Optional energy switch that only functions with Hotek Mifare card
User-friendly software
PMS interface already equipped with IDPMS, Briliant,Fidelio, Opera, VIPS, Protel, Planet Winner, etc
Fast key card encoder. USB connection
Maximum 99 encoders within a network.